A Step-by-step Guide For Fixing Arlo Pro Camera Sync Issues

Arlo Pro sync problems

Due to its wireless ease and high-quality video capabilities, Arlo Pro cameras are a popular option for home security and surveillance. However, they occasionally experience synchronising problems, just like any other technology. Don’t panic if you don’t know why your arlo camera is not sync properly your Arlo Pro camera isn’t synchronising correctly; in this blog, we’ll discuss typical causes of this issue and provide you a step-by-step walkthrough for troubleshooting and fixing them.

  • Look Into Your WiFi Connection

Weak or unreliable Wi-Fi connections are among the most frequent causes of Arlo Pro cameras failing to sync correctly. Make sure your Wi-Fi router is within a reasonable distance of your camera. It might not sync well if it is too far away. It should be easy for other devices, such computers and cell phones, to connect to it. To check if synchronisation difficulties are fixed, think about temporarily relocating your camera closer to the network.

  • Firmware and app updates

The Arlo app and outdated firmware might interfere with sync. Verify that the firmware on your camera is up to date. Both the Arlo app and the Arlo web interface let you to check for updates. Make sure the Arlo app is updated and encumbered on your device. Older camera firmware may not function properly with outdated applications.

  • Battery checks for cameras

Rechargeable batteries power Arlo Pro cameras, and if the batteries are low, synchronisation issues may arise. Using the Arlo app or the website, check the battery level. Replace or recharge the low battery with a fully charged one. Make sure the batteries are attached to the camera firmly and correctly. On the camera and base station, simultaneously push and let go the sync button. A successful sync will be shown by both devices’ LED lights blinking.

  • Back to Factory settings

A factory reset can be your final choice if everything else fails. Though this will wipe all settings and records, continue with caution. Add your camera to your Arlo account to change its settings.

  • Speak with Arlo Support

It may be time to contact Arlo’s customer care for more help if you’ve tried all troubleshooting techniques and your Arlo Pro camera is still not synchronising properly.


Although Arlo Pro cameras are dependable and adaptable home security gadgets, their performance can occasionally be affected by synchronisation problems. Many of these issues may be fixed on your own if you follow the troubleshooting techniques described in this for why my arlo pro camera is not sync properly. Remember that for your Arlo Pro camera to operate at its best, you must keep your Wi-Fi connection steady, update the firmware and software, and maintain good battery health.