Comprehend The Reasons And Solutions For Arlo Camera Offline Or Not Connecting To Wifi

Comprehend The Reasons And Solutions For Arlo Camera Offline Or Not Connecting To Wifi

While using these surveillance devices facing some issue is possible, reasons can be anything but what you need is solution. If your Arlo camera is not connecting to wifi or displaying the offline error then first you must find the exact reason and then execute the solution, to help you with this issue this blog can be beneficial.

Arlo Camera Offline Issue and Its Causes

  • Wifi signal and network configuration- check whether there is proper signal strength of wifi network or not, check the network configuration details, if any changes have been made then also you can face this issue.
  • Camera position- if your camera is far from the router network range then this issue is definitely going to occur.
  • Physical obstructions- if there are thick walls, large objects in between the router and camera then they can interfere with the signal which will lead you to the connection issue.
  • Outdated app and firmware- outdated version of Arlo app and firmware often create this issue.
  • Power connection- if your power source is not stable then your camera will not even can get harm but can also lead you to the connection issues.

Troubleshooting Tips For Arlo Camera Not Connecting To Wifi

  • If your camera is battery operated then check the battery level and if it is insufficient then charge them or use new batteries.
  • If your camera is not in the prescribed network range of your wifi router then either change its location or use wifi extender.
  • Remove the physical obstructions to clear the network signal way for camera.
  • Rebooting the camera can also work here if there will be minor issue and for that just plug out the camera from power source and wait then plug it back in.
  • The firmware of the camera must be up-to-date, keep a regular check on it and get it installed as soon as it is available.
  • Updating the app is also necessary as outdated app can give you unusual response.
  • Verify the network setting if they have been changed then reconfigure to the network setup again.
  • Try to reconnect the camera to wifi network again or check the signal by changing the network or frequency.
  • Other nearby network can also interrupt the signal strength so you must pay attention to secure your connection.
  • If any of the troubleshooting solution doesn’t work then the final step of solution is arlo camera reset. for this you have to press and hold the button till it gets the blinking LED and then let it go, your camera will reach in the default state where you have to configure every setup from the scratch.
  • To keep these issues in control you must maintain the camera’s functionality by checking the battery and firmware updates time to time and your camera’s position must be where there is full wifi signal and strength. Using an extender can be helpful in this matter. time to time check the hardware of the camera as well and ensure the network stability.

Final Thoughts

Connectivity issues are often irritating but you can easily resolve them with these simple steps, if you need some assistance or advice related to this then you can get in touch with our experts.