Expert Tips For Dealing With Arlo Camera Charging Failure


Due to its wireless capabilities and simplicity of installation, Arlo cameras have become quite popular. Monitoring your house or place of business is made easier with these smart security cameras. We’ll go over some professional advice in this blog post to assist you efficiently handle Arlo camera setup charging failure.

Check the Source of Power

Make sure the power supply is operating properly before attempting any complicated troubleshooting. Verify the functionality of the USB port or power outlet you’re using to charge the Arlo camera battery. Charge issues can occasionally be brought on either a loose connection or a malfunctioning power supply. To rule out these problems, try using an alternative charging cable or outlet.

Select the Proper Charging Cable

There is usually a unique charging cable included with Arlo cameras. It’s important to use the right cable since utilising non-compatible or third-party cables might cause charging issues. Make sure you’re using the cable that came with the device from the manufacturer or a superior substitute that satisfies Arlo’s requirements.

Get the Charging Port Clean.

The charging port of the camera may get clogged with dust and dirt, which might cause connection problems. Take care not to harm the camera or port.

Shut Down the Camera

Rebooting the device could sometimes fix charging problems. Check to see whether the camera begins charging again by turning it on. Any transient issues that could be interfering with the charging process can be resolved by rebooting.

Examine the health of the battery.

Rechargeable batteries, which power Arlo cameras, have a tendency to weaken over time. It may be time to change the battery in your camera if you discover that it isn’t keeping a charge as well as it once did. Arlo provides replacement batteries, and exchanging an old battery for a brand-new, fully working one is a simple operation.

Updates for Software

It’s crucial to make sure the firmware on your Arlo camera is updated. Occasionally, software defects that the manufacturer has addressed in more recent releases may be the cause of charging problems. Check for updates by logging into your Arlo account, going to the settings on your camera, and, if required, following the directions to upgrade the firmware.

Take the Camera Back.

You might need to give your Arlo camera a factory reset if none of the aforementioned fix’s arlo camera not charging issue. Remember that since it removes all of your settings and preferences, this should only be used as a last option. To reset the camera, go to the Arlo instructions found on their website or in official literature.

Arlo Support

It’s time to contact Arlo support if you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting methods and your Arlo camera is still not charging. If you want assistance with advanced troubleshooting, they may also walk you through the process of repair or replacement.

Final thoughts

Although Arlo camera charging failure might be annoying, you can troubleshoot and fix most difficulties on your own with the help of these professional techniques. Before proceeding to more complicated procedures, always start with the easiest fixes, such as inspecting the power source and cleaning the charging port. Recall that for your Arlo security system to function at its best, keeping your camera’s battery healthy and updating its software are essential.