How To Setup Arlo Security Cameras For Home And Business

How To Setup Arlo Security Cameras For Home And Business?

Whether it is homeowner or business owners’ protection is needed for everyone. There are a lot of surveillance cameras available in the market and choosing between them is really difficult but you can set it apart by checking the list of features that tender the most of your need. Currently Arlo is the brand who can fulfil user’s demand the most. If you have decided about purchasing the Arlo camera then the first thing you have to do is Arlo setup. Reading this blog will be beneficial if you are totally unaware of the configuration process.

  • Start the process by choosing the right camera model- after choosing the brand you also have to choose the camera model that suits your need the best, you can choose whether you want indoor, outdoor, wired or wireless camera.
  • After purchasing it unpack it- unboxing is not only to get the device out of the box but it is also for checking the device physical condition and getting yourself acquainted with it and its other components. Make sure that the device and the other components are in sound condition so that if they are found faulty, they can be replaced timely. Read the manual book thoroughly and understand it.
  • In the box you will get a camera- based on your choice wired/wireless, indoor/outdoor, there will be a base station which works as a soul of your camera, Ethernet wires, hardware objects for mounting your camera, power adapters, helping cables and batteries if you have chosen the wireless camera.
  • Setup the base station- Base station is the most required element of the accessing system. Link your base station to the router using the ethernet wire, use the power adapter to link the base station to power source. Observe the LEDs till it become solid green and confirm the connectivity.
  • App installation and login- On your device install the Arlo app which you can easily download from the app store. Then you have to create the account if you are a new user, follow the proper steps to create the account and comprehend the login process with its credentials.
  • Sync the camera- In your app add the camera by clicking in the add device option, sync the cameras with base station and for that you have to press the sync button simultaneously on both camera and base station.
  • Camera mounting- Mount the camera, if you have chosen the outdoor camera then you have to make sure that its view is completely errorless, it must be placed at a place where it can cover all the zones, check the mounting height from the manual and do it perfectly.
  • Setting access- Again in the app access camera setting, setup motion detectors, adjust their sensitivity levels so that you can protect yourself from false alarms, choose the recording mode, enable the security features and notification alerts.
  • Monitor the live feed- Check the live feed on your device if adjustment is needed then do it for better access. You can also setup notifications, emails or receive alerts to detect the activities recorded by the camera.

Final thoughts

We hope that this blog will be helpful enough to execute the Arlo camera setup easily and also without facing any difficulty but if you need more assistance then you can call our experts for their reliable advice any time.