Resetting Your Arlo Camera: A Step-by-step Guide

Resetting Your Arlo Camera: A Step-by-step Guide

When you think of the family safety what comes in the mind first is to be with them 24 hours or to keep a regular eye on their surroundings to make them feel safe and for your peace of mind to it is necessary and Arlo fulfils this need appropriately with its latest and advance features, though it’s a tech-based thing the possibility of facing some issue is always there and to eradicate these issues the most working method is resetting. In this blog you will become accustomed with the reset Arlo camera process.

Let’s learn why we need to reset what can be the issue or causes that needed resetting to resolve.

  • The connectivity is the primary cause though sometimes it can be resolved with restarting the camera also but most of the times reset can solve the connectivity error more precisely.
  • Base station wifi network issues can also need resetting to resolve.
  • If you made changes in the camera setting or have changed the modes then you can face issue with camera’s working and resetting can be the only option to resolve it.
  • Either you have changed the location of your camera then too there can be signal or connection issue that can be resolved with resetting.
  • If you are selling your camera or moving to a new place then you must reset it to wipe all the data from so that it can be used like a new camera and the buyer can do the initial Arlo camera setup with its fresh state.
  • If there is some software related issue then also reset can be helpful.

Reset process

  • Before opting and performing the reset you must be aware that reset will take your device back to its original state so its better to save the data in a back file and note the manual setting you have made so that you can do them again easily.
  • Know where the reset button is it is typically placed inside the tiny hole so that unintentional pressing of it can be avoided. Make it certain to switch off the camera formerly doing this process. You may use a pin-point edge object to press it, the object is also necessary cause you need to hold it for few moments and when you observe the LEDs back on your device in blinking state, when they stopped blinking understand that reset is accomplished.

Now you have to reconfigure the camera and its settings:

  • First power it on inserts the battery if you have battery operated model.
  • Get logged in to your Arlo app or you can use the web interface to access its login and settings.
  • With the help of the app add the camera again in add device option, using the scanning or manual method for it is completely user’s choice.
  • You need to sync your camera with base station according to the model of your camera, this sync is necessary for wifi access.
  • After the wifi connection setup you can access the camera setting, like setting its angels, motion detectors, sensors, recording modes and also notifications.


Doesn’t matter what is the reason for resetting the camera but doing is properly that does matter, following these tips and guidelines you can do it easily and in trouble you can contact our team also.