Learn How To Configure Arlo Camera’s Arming And Disarming Features

configure Arlo camera's arming and disarming features

Due to its wireless capabilities, simple setup, and high-quality video streaming, Arlo cameras have grown to be a popular choice for home security. The ability to equip and disable Arlo cameras as necessary is one of its primary advantages. Learn about the setting up your Arlo cameras to arm and disarm step-by-step in this blog.

Commence the process with Installing the Arlo camera system

Buy the Arlo cameras that best fit your needs first. Arlo has a selection of indoor and outdoor cameras as well as multi-camera solutions.

  • Transfer the Arlo app on your device.
  • Open the Arlo app, then register for an Arlo account. To manage and for Arlo camera setup, use this account.
  • To sync your Arlo cameras with the Arlo base station, refer to the instructions that come with the cameras.
  • You may configure your cameras for arming and disarming after they are set up and synchronised.

Create Schedules for Arming and Disarming your Arlo camera

The two main methods for arming and disarming Arlo cameras are manually and on a schedule. Here is how to configure both choices:

Arming and disarming manually-Launch the Arlo app, then sign in with your credentials. To equip or disarm a camera, simply tap on it. You may arm or disarm the camera by using the options in the camera settings. To alter the state of the camera, select the correct option.

Scheduled Arming and Disarming- Unveil the Arlo app, then comprehend the login with your authorizations. In the app’s main menu, select “Mode”. To add a new mode, choose “Add a Mode”. You may provide particular guidelines for arming and disabling your cameras using modes. Name your mode now. You may set the mode to be “Armed” or “Disarmed.” When you want this mode to be on, schedule it. For instance, you may programme it to be armed at night and unarmed during the day. Choose which cameras to include in this mode. Your mode settings are saved. Now, according to the schedule you’ve set, your Arlo cameras will arm and disable themselves automatically. For various settings, such as “Vacation” or “Guests Over,” you can establish numerous modes.

Customising Arming Rules- Arming rules may be further customised using Arlo cameras. You may programme particular triggers to automatically arm or disable your cameras. Launch the Arlo app, then sign in with your credentials. In the app’s main menu, select “Mode”. To add or edit rules for the chosen mode, tap “Edit Rules”. By defining a trigger and an action, you may add a rule. Change the rule’s options, such as its sensitivity level or preferred notification methods. When you save your rule, the chosen mode will get its application. You may control how your Arlo cameras react to certain situations by customising the arming rules.


Optimising your home security and privacy requires setting up your Arlo cameras to arm and disable. You may customise your camera system to meet your specific demands thanks to the versatility provided by manual arming, scheduled modes, and custom rules. As a result, take charge of your home security by setting up your Arlo cameras to fit your preferences.