Why Arlo App Is Not Working On Android And Iphone?

Why Arlo App Is Not Working On Android And Iphone?

To make the home security more accessible and convenient the manufacturers are indulged in practising and experimenting with new features to add in security surveillance system. Arlo security camera is a high-quality equipment with latest techniques and features. Though facing some technical glitches is common and when solution is there then nobody has to worry. If you have Arlo camera and its app is not working on either of android or iPhone then you must try these troubleshooting tips given in this blog.

Serious Concerns That Can Occur When Arlo App Doesn’t Work

  • Connection issue is the most possible issue that can prevent app to work.
  • During the live streaming your app can freeze or crash because of accessing load.
  • You can have the issues in live video accessing, it can be delayed or there will be no recording at all.
  • If your Arlo app stops working then you will also not receive any alert or notifications which are necessary for any security system.
  • With the help of app, you can do multiple function with camera but if it is not working then you will be having problem in its functioning as well like you won’t be able to arm or disarm your security system.

What Can Be Done To Resolve The Issue ‘arlo App Not Working On Iphone And Android’

Solution For Iphone User If Arlo App Is Not Working

  • Make sure to have robust signal and sturdy network connection; don’t let the weak signal to interrupt your app-related functions.
  • Drive through the app hoard on your device and check if the update is there on latest version, then you must get it as soon as possible. Outdated version can be the most probable reason of app’s not functioning.
  • Try rebooting your device that can sometime resolve this type of issue.
  • Clear the cache and data from your stratagem.
  • You must have the stable power supply for your camera to work effectively otherwise this problem can cause app’s sluggish or unresponsive behaviour.
  • For the app to work your camera must also be in the proper wifi network range.
  • Check if your device has given the necessary permission to Arlo app or not, like having its access to camera, microphone, location and notifications. This can be checked in settings of your device and if there is restriction then turn it to permission.
  • Camera’s outdated firmware can also cause compatibility issue with the app, check the latest version and update your camera.
  • You can check the official website of Arlo and can try to sort this issue with their support help.

Solution For Android Users If App Is Not Working

  • Be sure you have a strong signal and stable network connection; don’t let a poor signal prevent you from using your app.
  • Drive through the collection of apps on your smartphone to see if the most recent update is available; if so, you must install it as quickly as possible. Most likely cause of an app’s malfunction is an outdated version.
  • Rebooting your device can sometimes fix this kind of problem.
  • Your device’s cache and data should be clear. On an iPhone, touch Settings first, then Arlo, and finally Reset App.
  • For your camera to function properly, you must have a reliable power source. If not, this issue may make the app slow or unresponsive.
  • Your camera must be within the appropriate wifi network range for the app to function.
  • Verify whether or not the Arlo app has been granted access to your device’s camera, microphone, location, and notifications. Your device’s settings may be examined for this; if limitation is present, switch it to permission.
  • Check the most recent version of the firmware for your camera, and upgrade it if necessary. This can also lead to app compatibility problems.
  • You can look at Arlo’s official website and try to resolve this problem with their assistance.

Final Thoughts

When app doesn’t respond or fails to access the camera then it can be troublesome, Arlo app is a valuable tool that is needed for the proper access and setting of the Arlo camera. Don’t compromise with the safety of your loved ones and contact our expert team if any of the tips mentions here fails to resolve your concern.