Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing Arlo Camera Error 201

Troubleshooting Guide Fixing Arlo Camera Error 201

Because of the exceptional performance of Arlo camera its popularity has increased among people. But being a tech-based object, it can encounter error at sometimes and for that you need solution which you can get here in our blog. If your Arlo camera is facing error 201 and also not able to load stream then reading this blog can help you find the solution.

Understanding the issue

Error 201 is a communication error which occurs when your camera is not able to establish the proper connection with its server. When this issue occurs then you will also face the unable to load stream issue as well which particularly signifies that camera is not able to retrieve the live feed from the server and you won’t be able to see it. These both issues are interconnected so you need to apply the troubleshooting solution together.

  • Internet connection- there must be stable internet connection only then the camera and app will response properly, otherwise poor connectivity will raise the communication error and you won’t be able to access the live feed.
  • Camera restarting- if there is minor issue then it can be easily resolved with the help of simple rebooting, just disconnect the camera from the power source and connect it again after few second this will definitely solve the technical glitch issue.
  • Arlo servers- check the status of Arlo servers by visiting their official website page, or just simply search on the net that whether there any issue going on with their servers. If there will be an issue on their end then it will resolve once they overcome the server issues.
  • Updating the Arlo app and firmware- if your app and device firmware is outdated then it will give an invitation to compatibility issue. To overcome this, you must get the latest version downloaded and installed of Arlo app and firmware on urgent basis.
  • Physical obstruction and camera placement- the camera must be within the prescribed range of wifi network and there must not be any physical obstruction that can interrupt the signal and the connection between the two.
  • Wifi reconnection- try the re-establishment of wifi connection with your camera and for that you need to repeat the wifi setup process again but this time be sure to pass in the accurate details of wifi network.
  • Cookies and cache clearance- if you are using web interface for Arlo camera access then you must clear the caches and cookies time-to-time otherwise they can create the connection error.
  • Disabling the VPN- if you have enabled the VPNs then you must disable them for some time because these virtual networks create communication errors with your camera. If this matter still continues then you can get in touch with Arlo’s support team.


Don’t get frustrated if you face this “error 201” issue because it can be resolved easily with these above given troubleshooting tips. Just be sure about to keep up-to-date with latest versions of firmware and app. if you need help for your particular query about Arlo camera please get in touch with our team.