How To Troubleshoot Common Arlo Camera Issues

How To Troubleshoot Common Arlo Camera Issues

In the realm of security brands Arlo is leading its way to top, Arlo’s smart security features works as the icing on the top of the cake. Being a technology-based product there can be some issues that you can face sometimes with your security camera but with the help of this blog you can solve those issues on your own.

Connection error

  • The poor connection can be the most usual problem that can prevent your camera from working and because of that you can not access the live feed.
  • To troubleshoot this issue, you must check the camera’s position, verify the distance between it and your base station, remove the physical obstructions from the way, check the signal of your wifi, make sure it is stable, try rebooting your camera and also the base station simply by unplugging them from power source and reconnect them back after few moments of wait. If there are heavy electronic devices in the way then you should reposition your arlo security camera setup because they create interference in the network connection.

Battery error

  • Because most the Arlo cameras are wireless so they operated on the batteries and it can be major element that can create issue with camera functioning.
  • Check the battery’s life if it is insufficient then recharge it (if it is rechargeable) or replace it with new ones. Optimise the setting and set them properly so that they can’t drain the battery faster, you can adjust the sensors and motion activities including video quality, higher setting always drains the battery. You can use solar panel or charging cable to eradicate this issue by supplying continuous power.

Video quality error

  • This issue can be the most irritating one when your video quality becomes poor or blurred.
  • To resolve this issue, you must start by cleaning the lens of the camera use soft fabric to clean it otherwise it can get harm. Make sure internet speed, strength and quality are good enough otherwise check with your ISP. If your arlo setup camera’ alignment is not good then you can face this issue try repositioning your camera to get the clear and straight sight.

Motion detection error

  • If you have not adjusted the settings for motion detection then you can often get false alarm which can disturb and even you can miss the things that must be recorded.
  • For this first go to the settings and adjust its settings, select the area for motion detection which you can set virtually, make there nothing which can trigger the motion sensor. Firmware update can also resolve the motion detection issue as they always come with improvement.

Offline status/ no live access error

  • This issue can occur due to many reasons there can be physical error, there can wifi issue or there may be issue with updates.
  • Check your other devices which are connected to same network, if they have proper signal then there is some other issue that is prevent camera from showing the live feed and if the other devices are also having connection issue then you must check it with your service provider, check the power outlet and supply, reboot camera and the arlo app, try updating your app and firmware, clear the caches and cookies and in last you can reset your camera to finally resolve the issue.

No response of the camera issue

  • If your camera is not reacting to the app commands then this can be irritating issue but before that you must try accessing it through web interface by inputting its web or IP address.
  • Try re-sync the camera if it is a wireless, the guidelines you can get for it you can get from the device manual, reboot the camera by disconnect it from the power source and connect it back after a few minutes.


If these tips won’t work then without any delay contact our technical support staff.