Do Arlo Cameras Connect To Wifi Or Base Station

Do Arlo Cameras Connect To Wifi Or Base Station?

One of the leading brands in the surveillance equipment industry is Arlo. Arlo proffers variety of camera that are designed wire-free to be versatile and easily configured. Arlo cameras are manufactured by net gear and are famous for their sleek design and HDVQ. The most prevalent question that occurs in user’s mind is whether Arlo cameras connected to wifi or to its base station for the network accessibility and in this you will get this answer.
There is two type of Arlo camera one is wire-free Arlo camera and other is Arlo pro. Let’s understand both camera types first.

  • Arlo wire-free cameras are first generation cameras of Arlo and they work with battery system so no need of physical power source connection and neither they require any cable for setup. These cameras are much flexible and easy to configure. They solely work on wireless connection.
  • Arlo pro is second generation of Arlo. These cameras are also wireless and battery operated but they came with some significant changes which includes base station that expand the capabilities of the camera and its overall performance as well.

How to connect wireless Arlo camera and Arlo pro?

  • Arlo wireless camera can be connected to wifi network directly using the wifi setup method for security cameras. For Arlo wireless camera wifi setup you need to link it to your home network using the Arlo app on your device, the camera will detect and setup the direct wifi connection with Arlo cloud server communication feature. This also enables you to view the live footage and also to have the remote access through your device. This possibility is well for those who have restricted number of Arlo cameras.
  • When it comes to Arlo pro then you have both connectivity choice you can connect directly to wifi like Arlo wireless cameras or using its base station. For direct wifi connection you can follow the same method as given above for Arlo wireless cameras. Similarly using the Arlo app, you will be having all the option of remote access, live streaming etc.

Arlo base station setup

Base station is basically treated as central hub for the camera to connect to wifi and also to communicate to other Arlo cameras. The advantage of base station setup is that it enhances the wifi range between router and cameras, battery will save, and you can use local storage for footage recording.

  • Choose the central location of your place for Arlo base station setup.
  • Connect the base station to your home network using ethernet wire, you can remove the wire once the connect has been set.
  • Connect the base station to the power outlet and press the on button, the LED indicator must be light up.
  • With help of Arlo app scan the code on the base station after login or manually enter base station’s series number.
  • Link your account with base station and coordinate the cameras with it by pressing the sync button on the base station.
  • Solid blue LED light will signify that the process is complete.


Choosing between Arlo wireless and Arlo pro cameras is completely users’ choice but if you need any assistance or are having any query related to Arlo camera so, please don’t hesitate to reach to our expert team for solution.