How To Hook Up Arlo Security System To A Router That Does Not Have An Ethernet Port?

Hook Up Arlo Security System To A Router

Arlo security cameras are well-liked for its wireless connection and simplicity of installation. The Arlo base station must normally be connected to your router through an Ethernet port, however occasionally this may not be the case. You can still set up your Arlo security system without an Ethernet connector, so don’t panic. We’ll tell you the procedure step by step in this blog.

  • Examine Your Router– Be certain that your router doesn’t have an Ethernet port concealed elsewhere before you start the configuration process. It might be simple to miss ports on routers that have them on the back or sides.
  • Purchase an Ethernet to USB adapter– An Ethernet to USB adapter is required to connect your Arlo base station to a router without an Ethernet connection. Most electronics stores and internet vendors carry these adapters.
  • Connect the Adapter– Once you’ve got the Ethernet to USB adapter, insert one end into the USB port on your router. This effectually translates the USB port into an Ethernet port. Be confident that the adapter is strongly associated.
  • Connect the Adapter to the Arlo Base Station– The next step is to connect the other end of the Ethernet to USB adapter to the Ethernet port on the Arlo base station. This will launch a wired linking amid your base station and the router even if the router doesn’t have a integral Ethernet port.
  • Power On the Arlo Base Station– Now that you have a physical connection, power on your Arlo base station by plugging it into an electrical outlet. This customarily necessitates synchronising your Arlo cameras and relating the base station to your network.
  • Test Connection – Checking your Arlo system’s functionality after setup is complete is crucial. Use the Arlo app or the online interface to check the camera feeds. Check that you can access other crucial features and watch live feeds.

More troubleshooting tips for Arlo camera

Try these troubleshooting suggestions if you’re having problems with your Arlo cameras:

  • Be convinced that your camera has a decent network signal by examining the signal forte. Live streaming and recording issues might be brought on by a lack of strong connectivity.
  • To restart the camera, disconnect it and then replug it. This can fix little problems.
  • Be certain that your camera’s firmware is up to date by updating it. Glitches may result from outdated software.
  • Try a factory reset on the camera if issues still exist, however keep in mind that this will clear all settings.
  • To increase connectivity if signal problems continue, relocate your camera closer to the network or install a Wi-Fi extender.
  • Communicate with Arlo customer service for more help if troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue.


An Ethernet to USB adapter may be used to connect your Arlo security system to a router without an Ethernet connection. With the help of this workaround, you may take use of a wired connection, which can offer a more dependable and consistent connection for your Arlo cameras.