How to Fix Arlo Camera Connectivity Issues?

Arlo Camera

Although Arlo cameras offer consumers a flexible and easy method of home monitoring, they may occasionally experience connectivity problems similar to those seen with any device. Don’t worry if your Arlo cameras aren’t connecting at all; this article will walk you through a number of troubleshooting techniques to get them back online and operating properly.

Verify Your Internet Connection

  • Assuring a steady and dependable internet connection is the first step towards fixing connectivity problems with your Arlo cameras.
  • If your Arlo camera not connecting to wifi then connecting other devices to your Wi-Fi network will allow you to confirm that it is operational.

Turn the Arlo camera on and off

  • Remove the batteries from your Arlo camera or disconnect it from the power source to perform a power cycle.
  • Prior to re-plugging it or replacing the batteries, give it a 10-second wait. Minor connectivity issues can frequently be fixed with this one approach.

Apprise the app and firmware

  • For best results, validate that the firmware on your Arlo camera and the Arlo app are up to current.
  • Use the Arlo app or Arlo website to see if your camera has any firmware apprises available.
  • In a similar vein, confirm that the Arlo app on your smartphone is the most recent version.

Move the Arlo camera

  • Physical interference or impediments might impede the Wi-Fi signal and cause problems with connectivity.
  • Steer clear of positioning the camera too far from the router or in places where there is a lot of interference from other electronics.

Verify the camera’s battery levels

  • Low battery levels can affect connectivity if you use wire-free Arlo cameras.
  • Maintaining a sufficiently charged battery will provide a steady and dependable connection.

Modify the location and range of the camera

  • Arlo cameras are designed to work best within a certain range.
  • Your camera can have trouble keeping a steady connection if it is positioned too far away from the base station.
  • For best results, move the camera closer to the base station and validate that it is within the advised range.

Examine the connection to Arlo Base Station

  • Verify that your router and the Arlo base station, if applicable, are correctly connected.
  • Validate that the power and Ethernet connections are secure by checking them.
  • Restarting the base station may also assist in re-establishing the Arlo cameras’ connection.

Arlo Camera Settings Reset

  • Try returning your Arlo camera settings to their original defaults if everything else fails.
  • Resetting the camera’s settings in the Arlo app and resyncing it with the base station may be necessary for this step.
  • For comprehensive information on how to reset arlo camera, access the user manual for the camera or the Arlo support page.

Speak with Arlo Support

  • It’s time to contact Arlo customer care if none of the aforementioned solutions fix your connectivity problems with Arlo cameras.
  • The support staff from the manufacturer can offer more specialist advice.
  • Get the complex troubleshooting procedures, and assistance in identifying whether your camera is experiencing any hardware-related problems.

End thoughts

Although Arlo camera connectivity problems might be annoying, they can frequently be found and fixed with a methodical troubleshooting approach. Restoring a solid connection is more likely when you apprise firmware, check internet connectivity, move the camera, and take other precautions. Never forget that you may always get further advice and support by contacting Arlo’s customer care.